Partnering with leaders and teams to connect and thrive







About Beth Mercurio

I am passionate about leadership growth, lifelong learning, and human development. I founded MercurioConnect to move leaders and teams from surviving to thriving.

What can I do for you?

I believe that when people are more deeply connected to themselves and to others, they are able to move towards shared understanding and aligned action.

Being in conversation, listening and truly understanding the context and outcome goals of individuals and teams enables us to chart a path forward that has clear impact and drives desired results.  It all starts with connection, so let’s connect.

What clients are saying

“Beth is a strong and passionate leader.  She has the unique ability to bring out the best in individuals and teams.  Beth knows how to drive results through customized development, dynamic collaboration, and accountability.  Her extensive business experience and her innate ability to connect with and motivate human beings is a powerful combination.”

– Tim O’Keeffe, CEO, Symmons Industries

“Beth knows how to build an inspiring vision and collaborate with teams to rally around the execution of their visions.  Beth adapts her collaborative approaches to each unique individual and team she is working with, driving impactful engagement and successful outcomes.” 

– Cortney Rowan, Managing Director, Accenture